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The Slovene neo-circumflex revisited

Frederik Kortlandt ; Department of comparative linguistics Leiden University

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Keith Langston disagrees with my account of the Slovene neo-circumflex. He rejects compensatory lengthening as an explanation of the neo-circumflex, primarily on theoretical grounds. His "moraic analysis" is quite unacceptable to me because it starts from an a priori segmentation of the speech flow. In a strict autosegmental approach, the segmentation of the speech flow should be part of the analysis and not be given a priori. Langston's rejection of van Wijk's law, according to which the simplification of certain consonant clusters yielded lengthening of the following vowel, is based on a misguided theoretical interpretation which led him astray.

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accentuation, Slovene neo-cirkumflex, acute, compensatory lengthening, van Wijk's law, Dybo's law

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