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Basic terminological issues in aspectology

Jasna Novak Milić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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str. 125-143

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This article discusses various terminological discrepancies and divergences in aspectology, which is one of the major obstacles in understanding aspectuality of different languages. There are many different definitions of aspect, they come from different linguistic traditions, they are based on different theoretical models and above all, they depend on the language (or languages) being analyzed. As a consequence the term aspect is used for several different but somewhat similar linguistic phenomena. The terminological confusion is especially evident when languages from different linguistic groups are compared. In this article the author aims to show differences in use of the term aspect and other related
aspectological terms in linguistic literature: vid, aspectuality, actionsart. Also, the author proposes Croatian terminology and definitions for many aspectological issues, which could help in attaining clarity and unambiguity in this field of linguistics.

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aspect; verbal aspect; aspectuality; aktionsart; telicity

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