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Milan Moguš

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In today's research of the Baška tablet most attention is focused on deciphering its actual
content because the tablet is largely damaged. It was necessary, especially in a few lines of the
first part, to reconstruct the glagolitic writing. This was best done by Branko Fučić. According to
his reading the tablet was transliterated, ie. transcribed from the glagolitic alphabet to the Latin
script. After that they could also begin to successfully address the language problems, primarily
to determine the sound and morphological transformation that has occurred in the Croatian
language since the time when the Baška tablet was created (around the beginning of the 11th
century). However, the question remains, how to read the angular glagolitic carved text of the
first Croatian monument found in the church of Sv. Lucija (St. Lucy) in Jurandvor near Baška on
the island of Krk. Despite some previous partial efforts the author has now, reconstructed in his
book Povijesna fonologija hrvatskoga jezika (Historical Phonology of the Croatian Language)
(Zagreb, 2010) a comprehensive system of the accents of the Croatian language – conveyed at the
time of the tablet, i.e. about a thousand years ago. Therefore we can say that the Baška tablet has
finally been read in its entirety. At the end of the article the author presents his version of the
Baška tablet in the contemporary Croatian language.

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Baška tablet, 11th century, accentual reconstruction

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