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Ljerka Perči ; Varaždin, Hrvatska

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After analyzing the interesting archive file number 99 dating from 1845 found in the Varaždin City Government, page 11, second letter of writer F.A.Werner addressed to the Varaždin magistrate as the reply to the complaint of publisher J. Pl. Platzer, and also the 26 attachments, we can observe that many historical facts are discussed linked with Varaždin’s cultural life in the period from 1842 till 1850. By studying the described archive matter, less known data on the numerous publishing endeavors come to light such as editions „Etape putovanja po Njemačkoj i pograničnim zemljama“, „Abecedni prirodoslovni muzej sa slikama“ (Segments of the journey through Germany and bordering countries“, Alphabet Natural Museum with Pictures) published by Platzer and the newcomer F.A.Werner, Prague city dweller, writer of at least eight theatre plays.

Special attention in the paper is paid to describing contracts dating from 1843 and 1844 between the publisher Platzer and F.A. Werner, the author of several projects, and also the author of the initial proposition for publishing a Varaždin weekly (three different names are used) with a supplement on culture in German. By pointing out to the record which evidences that the composer Ivan Padovec had signed a contract in 1844 with Franz Werner on handing over author’s rights for publishing a manual on playing the ten-string guitar with rights lasting for a period of three years and at a price of 400 fl., facts are put forward showing Padovec’s efforts during several years to acquire such rights after the contracted period had expired. On basis of many letters and drafts from the magistrate record office, it may be observed that there had been a number of Padovec’s and Udl’s compositions stored with the musical merchandise trader F. Hofmeister in Leipzig. The paper’s author points out to the fact that Padovec’s compositions are actually the ones under number 49 and those from 57 till 62, except number 50 published by Platzer (the cover page has a small record of the lithographs name, of unknown descent), and it is not known where all the others published by Werner & Comp. had been printed. The same applies to Udl’s work no. 3 published by Werner & Comp.

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Josip pl. Platzer, Franz Anton Werner, Varaždin newspaper publishing, cultural supplement „Ljiljan“, I. Padovec, Verlag von Werner & Comp

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