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Drago Pilsel ; Drago Pilsel, Medvedski breg 29, 10040 Zagreb, Hrvatska

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This article presents a discussion of the essence of moral, political theology,
one which is specifically related to the political life and the public attitude
with which Croatia would like to enter the European Union and make itself
more present in the world. It is a theology which strives to actively contribute
to the process of the humanisation of society. Theology, as an attitude of critical
reasoning, plays a fundamental role in the process of the liberation of man
and the strengthening of the Christian community by helping to liberate them
from all types of fetishes and idolatry. At the same time, it helps avoid the kind
of fatal narcissism which impoverishes human relationships. Understood in
this way, every kind of theology, and especially political theology, has a permanent
and necessary role to play in the process of liberation from all forms
of religious alienation. This alienation is generally something which the ecclesiastical
institutions themselves produce when they obstruct or hinder the
Word of God being approached in an authentic way.

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theology; demystification; political theology; nationalism; reconciliation; mission

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