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Suzana Žilič Fišer ; Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

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New media platforms have impacted the practices of traditional media in local environments. New media has created new opportunities for news organizations to participate in unique storytelling experiences and novel practices of audience engagement in global, national, regional and local environments. Many developments have raised questions, such as: Will new media platforms replace traditional media? This paper is based on a survey of students in Slovenia regarding the role of new media and the survey on usage of new media in local election campaign in 2010. An empirical analysis which is divided in two parts is the basis for the conclusions. In first part we analyzed the consumption of different media from younger generation. The second part of the analysis gives us the information about consumption of new media from the candidates in local election campaign in municipality of Maribor. The empirical data supports the hypotheses of the paper. First, traditional media requires main transformation but can not be substituted completely by new media. The paper will discuss the role of media, particularly television as the main traditional media. Second, media audience value medium according to the credibility and quality of information. According to the results of the survey among the young generation and according to the short overview of the local election campaign the paper will open the discussion about impact of traditional and new media.
A survey of today's websites and digital initiatives demonstrates that traditional television practices are now built into various web and digital media initiatives of local media industry. The future mandates the incorporation of traditional media into new platforms, but the chief paradigm for following professional standards should remain the same. The future of traditional and new platforms depends on their capacity to meet credibility and ethical standards!

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new media, traditional media, television, local elections, credibility

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