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Crisis and the Manifesto: On the Two Documents of Our Time

Tomislav Krznar ; Veleučilište u Karlovcu, Odjel lovstva i zaštite prirode, Karlovac, Hrvatska

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Central idea of this paper is to present the contents of two recent documents which have appeared in Croatia. This documents are Lošinjska izjava – za Hrvatsku bez GMO-a and Manifest of Kršćanski akademski krug titled U službi čovjeka i zajednice. Aim of this review is to point out some important dimensions of each of two documents and to show resemblance and correspondence in some of given dimensions. In this process it is important to emphasize most important problems and circumstances in which these documents were made. We can point out that both of these documents have central position in promoting democracy and growth of civil society. This is probably the most important task in many political activities in contemporary society.

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crisis, contemporary documents, democracy, civil society, Catholic Church

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