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The Town of Senj in the Poetry of Kranjčević as a Projection of some of his most Essential Messages


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The great Croatian poet Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević had written a considerable number of poems that are directly or indirectly connected with his native town of Senj and the Croatian Littoral. That is why we speak about his littoral elements in the Croatian literature, which led a well-known Croatian historian Antun Barac to deal with the theme in his shorter contribution on Kranjčević. The author of this paper has made an effort to elucidate and analyze this phenomenon in the poetry of Kranjčević and affirmed that the poet with his poems on Senj and the Croatian Littoral had at the same time projected his most important messages concerning fateful and persevering struggle of the Croatian people for freedom. These poems being picturesque images of his homeland present at the same time specific keys for better and more subtle understanding the poet's vision on the struggle of the Croatian people for freedom, which, so far, has not been given an adequate cosideration while researching Kranjčević's poetry, or at least, not so much as he deserves it.

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Senj; Poetry of Kranjčević

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