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Implementation of Direct Marketing to the Family as the End Consumer

Lana Kosić ; Anfap d.o.o.

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This paper explores and analyzes the implementation of direct marketing aimed at families as a specific consumer on the business-to-consumer market. The paper contains a summarized overview of the basic characteristics of direct marketing as one of the most important marketing activities nowadays that provides immediate, individual and two-way communication with end consumers. Then, it briefly describes specific behavior of the family unit as a consumer on the business-to-consumer market and points to the trends that affect the consumer behavior of families. In particular, the characteristics of a very interesting niche market to marketing experts - young families, i.e. families with small children (so-called -9 to +9 segment) are highlighted. Research on the satisfaction of young families with direct marketing programs in the Republic of Croatia is described next. The survey that was conducted confirmed the assumption about the appropriateness of the implementation of direct marketing activities to build long-term relationships with families as the end consumer, and to create loyal customers among the young families which actively seek information about products and services.

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direct marketing; business-to-consumer market; family; family life-cycle

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