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Ecological Question as an Educational Need

Renata Jukić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Osijeku, Osijek, Hrvatska

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There are many reasons why ecological question as an educational need is imperative in teaching. Some of the reasons are: globalization, progressive multiplication of scientific discoveries, new technologies and new ways of communication, appearance of a new form of literacy – ecological literacy. It is essential to take the pedagogical view of ecology into consideration. Unfortunately, this field is, generally speaking, rather neglected in Croatia. Teachers are left on their own when it comes to eco didactic teaching methods.
Ecological education in teaching is present in integrated and individual classes as well as through different topics in various fields. Exploration of ecological topics is crucial for sustainable growth and the application
of acquired knowledge influences many aspects of everyday life. Ecology is also culturally and anthropologically oriented and thus contributes to affirmation of human values. Basic competences which pupils should acquire are knowledge about interconnected global changes on Earth, their impact on the environment and humans, the ability to adapt to the development of science and technology, responsible attitude towards nature, contribution to sustainable growth as well as development of consciousness of personal participation in modern world. Ecological education, in the broader sense, implies working on the development of a “new humanity”, which teaches us how to make quality social relationships and new values. It is necessary to create environmental education curriculum in Croatia which will help develop a more positive attitude towards the environment within Croatian educational system as well as improve overall school culture.

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ecology, ecological education, curriculum

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