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Anita Rapan Papeša orcid id ; Gradski muzej Vinkovci, Vinkovci, Hrvatska

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Even though archaeological research has proceeded in
Vinkovci for over a hundred years, since Brunšmid’s
publication of Coloniae Aureliae Cibalae and parts of
Dimitrijević’s “Archaeological Topography and the Selection
of Finds from Vinkovci’s Territory”, not much progress
has been made in defi ning the topography of Cibalae in
Antiquity. Th e emphasis of the doctoral dissertation by I.
Iskra-Janošić, although providing an overview of research
and new insight on the ramparts of Cibalae, is nonetheless
ceramics. Newer research prompted by enhanced development,
which in Vinkovci is subject to archaeological
supervision that continually brings in new materials, has
prevented more specific consideration of this problem. Th is
work shall present the Late Antique segment of Cibalae’s topography.
Late Antiquity here means above all the fourth
century, but somewhat earlier and later finds also enter this
framework, if they could not be physically separated during
field research. A special problem is the absence of any topography
for the first to third centuries, i.e., the impossibility
of comparing results with older and younger finds. Th e Late
Antique fixed and movable finds from the first research in
the nineteenth century to the preliminary results of research
conducted in 2009 will be consolidated in one place, and
an interpretation thereof will constitute an attempt to gain
new insight on life in Cibalae during Late Antiquity.

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Cibalae; Late Antiquity; topography; fortifications; architecture; necropolises; movable finds

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