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Information, Innovation And Connection – Limitation In The Cluster Development In Pannonian Croatia

Mirjana Radman-Funarić orcid id ; Veleučilište u Požegi

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The paper presents an analysis of the precondition to create or the potential for the establishment of clusters in the Central and Eastern (Pannonian) Croatia. The starting point of the paper is a theoretical elaboration of the need for entrepreneurs to organize through the cluster model and the defi nition of terms of their self-actualization, related to the importance of traditional values in terms of benefi ts, social capital, and the assessment of a company’s present situation, in order to prove the need to create its own identity in terms of clustering. For this purpose, the paper uses part of the data collected for the study and exploitation plan of clusters in the broader region of Central-South Slavonia with main focus on Brodsko-Posavska and Požeško-Slavonska County. Because of the institutional dimensions of social capital where the public sector has the best role in creating the social structure of clusters, and social dimensions of social capital in terms of trust, cooperation and networking, the paper analyses to what extent trust and coherence are present in dealings between companies in Brodsko-Posavska and Požeško-Slavonska County, expressed through the readiness to be included in clusters in the NUTS II region – Central and Eastern (Pannonian) Croatia as a homogeneous economic entity, with the emphasis on limiting factors that stand in the way of greater competitiveness.

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Analysis of potential, Cluster, Region

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