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EIA – Exercise Induced Asthma and How To Prevent It

Zdenko Kosinac ; Split, Hrvatska

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str. 176-188

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In the last thirty years some new important scientific ideas have emerged about the
relationship between physical strain and asthma that changed the prevailing attitude towards
an asthmatic child, i.e. the traditional belief that an asthmatic child should be exempt from
any physical strain, including any kind of physical exercise or sport. In fact, in the light of
such ideas, an astmatic child should lead a normal life. Asthmatic children can bear up
physical activities lasting up to four minutes. Therefore, exercise is recommended for both
physical well-being and psychosocial reasons. Swimming and cycling are preferred, since
they cause a mild bronchospasm. Taking an additional dose of Intal or Ventolin, or both,
immediately before a competition, and doing some proper warm-up exercises, efficiently
prevents the exercise or physical strain induced asthma in majority of cases. It is necessary to
point out that physical exercise and sports have primarily medical-psychological values.

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asthma, physical strain, sport

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