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The Baška Stone Tablet A Model Teaching Lesson

Vesna Nosić ; Gimnazija "Matija Mesić", Slavonski Brod, Hrvatska

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str. 205-216

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This paper presents the preparation and conducting of a class on the Baška Stone
Tablet within the Croatian language high school course. This topic is a part of the teaching
unit of the Croatian medieval literature within the subject area of Literature.
The preparation and the conducting of the class consist of the following elements: topic;
teaching unit, the number of classes, key terms; results; the type, goals and tasks of the class
(educational, functional, communicational), teaching system; teaching aids, forms,
procedures and methods; the intra- and intersubject correlation and finally the structure and
duration of specific sections of the class.
The presentation of the section of the teaching unit offers the results of students' research
during two classes, several poems written by them and a short report on another project on
the Baška Stone Tablet, which was carried out by former students.
The pupils were actively involved in the class and showed their analytical, interpretative and
creative skills.

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the Baška Stone Tablet, the Church of St. Lucy, the Glagolitic script, the Croatian-Old-Slavic language, Jurandvor, King Zvonimir, Abbot Dobrovit, Abbot Držiha

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