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Tamara Nožica
Dubravko Marković
Lidija Maračić
Arturo Franko
Egidio Gregorović
Lorena Radolović-Prenc

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We present a rare and interesting clinical case of temporal lobe epilepsy in a 69 year old patient who had this kind of hallucination in December 2002. He had a similar attack in 1960, and in 2005 one Grand mal attack occurred. The patient RR was born as one of 10 brothers and sisters. One of his brothers was a psychiatric patient with schizophrenia. The patient’s early development was normal. At the age of 30 the onset of hyperthyreoism had been found. At that time he had had a half an hour episode of twilight state. In the year 1998 he developed symptoms of diabetes mellitus. On December 4, 2002 together with his grandson, he took his dog to the veterinary. They took a car and drove into town, when he started hallucinating of huge skyscrapers and great avenues in front of him and he felt like he was suddenly in New York City. He was upset and confused. His grandson realized something was wrong with the grandfather and told him to pay attention to the traffic, and the confused grandfather asked him to lead him thorough the traffic back home. Coming home he was confused, dreamy and weak for the rest of the day. Next day he was admitted to hospital. The neurological exam was normal but the EEG showed serial findings of local temporal sharp waves’ changes and the CT scan and the MRI showed diffuse and especially temporal lobe atrophy. Routine laboratory findings and the carotid doppler ultrasound were normal. Using a carbamazepin therapy EEG findings were normalized and there were no more attacks until 2005 when one grand mal attack occurred due to a diminution of the medication dose by the patient himself.

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temporal epilepsy, visual hallucinations

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