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Ante Biško ; Hrvatski centar za poljoprivredu, hranu i selo
Ljiljana Gašparec-Skočić ; Hrvatski centar za poljoprivredu, hranu i selo
Ante Ivanović ; Hrvatski centar za poljoprivredu, hranu i selo
Sebastian Ruano Bonilla ; Todolivo Adamus, Cordoba, Espana

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str. 133-140

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The paper deals with the analysis of results regarding advantages for dense
plantation of three different seedling standards, 30-40 cm, 50-60 cm and 70-80 cm at
olive varieties Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki, Sikitita and Tosca in order to define
particular recommendations and/or limitations. Certain specific features of an individual
variety within the same rate category was analysed and compared.
Varieties were monitored regarding trees vigour what will be used for
recommendation for optimum plant density during further cultivation.
Dense planting of olive trees is most demanding during the first two years. If the
position is well chosen, the soil prepared and quality seedlings are properly planted, the
most frequent errors are made in the very first and partly in the second year.
The results of research show that the used seedlings standards are very suitable or
suitable for dense panting of olive trees. For rates 50-60 and 70-80 cm are necessary to
install support immediately after planting and fix a seedling on 2-3, or 3-4 places.
Seedlings rate 70-80 cm of variety Sikitita and Tosca are not to be recommended for
machine planting due to their oversize what can cause difficulties and delays in their
handling breaking during machine planting.
In the view of pruning necessary for trellis forming variety Tosca was most
demanding. Genotype of variety Tosca was more important than a seedling standard.
Unlike Tosca, varieties Arbequina and Arbosana have not indicated any specific
features to be considered when performing activities related to cultivation or trellis
formation during the first year.

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olive, variety, seedling standard, dense plantation

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