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Valter Tomas ; Odjel za talijanistiku Sveučilišta u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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In this paper the author continues some of his earlier research of old Croatian writers from Dubrovnik and their works written in Italian in the 19th century periodicals of Dalmatia. In this case, he deals with Cvijeta Zuzorić and Dominko Zlatarić, who find their deserving places in The Danica of Zagreb, as well as in La Dalmazia of Zadar. In The Danica Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski published his version of the biography of Zuzorić to which, as a certain confirmation for his presented theories, he enclosed an epitaph to the renowned lady of Dubrovnik supposedly written by Zlatarić, while his essay was fully translated into Italian and published in La Dalmazia by Baldo Bizarić (Balduino Bizzarro), a remote cousin of Cvijeta's. The author comes to the conclusion that the translator did not have any serious difficulties in translating the ideas and data from one language system into the other and that the translation, except for some minor details, can be considered as integral. However, the comparison of Zlatarić's dodeca-syllabic epitaph with Bizarić's prose translation demanded a thorough analysis at almost all linguistic levels. Special attention was given to the metric, semantic and stylistic analysis where semantic slips can be noticed in numerous elements.

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C. Zuzorić, D. Zlatarić, I. Kukuljević, B. Bizarić, Danica, La Dalmazia

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