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Sanja Knežević ; Odjel za kroatistiku i slavistiku Sveučilišta u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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str. 135-161

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Julienne E. Bušić wrote her novel Lovers and Madmen,(Ljubavnici i luđaci,1995) secretly while she was serving her sentence in an American jail in order to preserve faith, memories and identity.No matter how slowly her days of imprisonment passed, neither she nor her husband Zvonko Bušić could imagine how long their separation will take. Full thirty-two yeras! Living in the belief that only by creating she could keep the fire of her love hearth going, Julienne Bušić, like the original Penelope, embarked on the weaving of the text in her new novel Your Blood and Mine (2008). So many threads so many reading layers-autobiographical, symbolic, phenomenological, philosophical and above all feminine.Through the prism of the first and the last dimension of the novel-the autobiographical and feminine (the first is immanent in the last) I will make an attempt to interpret it. In this sense, the interpretation has been channelled into four strands: the structure of the text, the perception of time dimension, the questioning of reality, the intertextual discourse games and the principle of finding identity.

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autobiographical text, time dimension, identity, intertextuality, reality, women’s letter

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