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A Contribution to the Biography of Francis Jurjević, a Nobleman of Zadar and a Royal Knight

Branka Grbavac

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In this article there is, based on the published and hitherto unpublished sources, presented the life course and activity of the Zaratin nobleman Francis Jurjević, the most distinguished member of the noble Jurjević family, which earned great merit for the establishment and preservation of Angevine rule, in Zadar particularly, but also in other Dalmatian cities. In the first part of the article there are given biographical data on Francis, who, because of his fidelity to King Louis, received from the latter the title of a royal knight. Because of his merits, Francis held important posts not only within the communal administration of Zadar, but also outside the city. He was, thus, from 1358 until his death the count of Trogir.
An important source for the study of Francis’ life is his last will, written in Trogir in 1377, which is the subject of the second part of the article. It is a valuable testimony to his character and the relationships that he established with persons belonging to both the ecclesiastical and the secular structures of medieval Zadar and Dalmatia, but also an important account of the cultural climate in the Late Middle Ages in general. The full text of Francis’ will, now kept within the legacy of John Lučić-Lucius, is published as an appendix to the article.

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Zadar; Trogir; the Middle Ages; political history; cultural history; Francis Jurjević

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