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The Usage of Puppets in Teaching L2: the Case of Croatian

Livija Kroflin ; Umjetnička akademija Sveučilišta Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku

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The need and importance of
incorporating the puppet in the teaching process is being confirmed in
literature and expanding practice. The puppet can help in teaching
various subjects, but it is particularly appropriate in teaching
language as a first and also all following languages, for pupils and
students of various ages, various prior knowledge and various
motivations. This paper deals with that use of the puppet in teaching
a second, foreign and heritage language, particularly with Croatian as
such language. As teaching Croatian as L2 has received more attention
recently, new and improved methods are required. It is an excellent
aid in liberating the learner from language fear, since he/she feels
concealed behind the puppet and also separate from it, finding it
easier to speak out in the L2 language, since the puppet is permitted
to make mistakes, it can dare to be strange and to be funny. After
short review of the role of puppet in professional papers on this
subject, the types of puppet and other elements in creating a puppet
play such as scenography, music and sound effects, the teaching
process with the use of the puppet is described in this paper:
motivation, creation of the puppetry play based on puppets, examples
of making the most simple puppets, creation of the text for the
puppetry play based on a set text, dramatisation and/or adaptation or
one’s own conception.

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puppets, teaching L2, Croatian as L2

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