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The etiology of the proverb "Bosnia quietly conquered"

Marko Dragić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu

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In his comedy Dundo Maroje, Marin Držić explained the etiology of the proverb „Bosnia quietly conquered” based on the relevant literature and the living tradition. The medieval Bosnian Kingdom was powerful and very rich in ores of lead and silver including expensive fabrics. Therefore, it was constantly exposed to the Hungarian and Turkish pretensions. During the reign of a lustful and ruthless king Stjepan Ostoja there were considerable confrontations at the Bosnian court and Ostoja was deposed in 1404, but he managed to return to the throne in 1408. At the court of Duke Stjepan Kosača there were great conflicts within the family.
All this helped the Turkish military to penetrate into Bosnia with a mighty army sometime around 22nd May 1463. They bribed and deceived Radak, the commander of the royal city of Bobovac, who handed over the city. The Turks said to him: "When you betrayed yours you'll betrayal us as well", then severed his head and pushed him off the cliff, which is still called Radak's cliff. In Bilaj near Ključ, the Turks gave false testimonies to the King Stipan Tomašević that he will continue to rule as he ruled if he accompanies them to all Bosnian cities and orders the nobles to surrender without a fight. That is how a powerful medieval Bosnian Kingdom declined at the end of May 1463. The Turks broke written promises given to the king, so he was tortured and killed on Carevo Polje near Jajce. The last Bosnian queen Katarina first fled to Dubrovnik, then to Rome, where she left testamentary disposal in favor of the Pope.

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discord, betrayal, Turkish frauds, the fall of the Bosnian Kingdom, Dubrovnik

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