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Modelling of Dynamic Conditions of the Functioning of Steam Boiler

Srđan Dvornik
Luko Milić
Joško Dvornik

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The goal of this paper is to show a successful application of a system dynamics simulation modelling – Jay Forrester – MIT on investigation of the dynamics of the behavior of steam boiler, and the paper itself is a part of the research accompanying Master of Science Thesis carried out by Srđan Dvornik, B. Sc., Maritime Faculty, Split.
This paper will show efficient application of scientific methods of research of complex dynamic systems called quality and quantity simulation methodology of system dynamics which will enable us to make and apply various types of simulation models of the reality which was observed, and finally to enable continuous computer simulation which will considerably contribute to our acquiring of new knowledge about non – linear nature of dynamics of ship's steam boilers in the process of design and education.
Vessel's steam boiler will be represented in POWERS simulation language by means of mental – verbal, structural and mathematics – computer models.

Ključne riječi

ship's steam boiler, simulation modelling, systematic dynamics, continuous and discrete simulation

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