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Textbook in the visual arts culture teaching

Ivana Čalo ; Filozofski fakultet u Splitu, Odsjek za učitelje
Dubravka Kušćević ; Filozofski fakultet u Splitu, Odsjek za učitelje

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The goal of this study was to determine whether teachers and students use art textbooks in the lower grades of elementary school (which textbooks are used, why, who decides on the choice of the textbook, and in which part of the class the textbook is used). We also researched teachers’ opinion about the importance of textbooks in the motivation of children and about usefulness of textbooks in art classes. The study had the following hypotheses: 1. Majority of teachers occasionally use textbooks in art classes. 2. Teachers use the textbooks mostly at the beginning of class. 3. The majority of students do not use art textbook or workbook at all. The analysis of the study results has shown that all of the above hypotheses have been confi rmed. Namely, 50, 5% of the teachers occasionally use art textbooks, mostly in the introductory part of the class (60, 90%). The third hypothesis was also confi rmed: 74% of the students do not use art textbook at all.

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visual arts culture teaching; visual arts culture textbook; class teaching

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