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Analysis of Differences in Intesity and Movement Quantity between Center and Wing during the Water polo Game

Vinko Lozovina
Željko Gusić
Mislav Lozovina

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On the sample of 192 quarters, as entities in this investigation, 21 variables were performed and 8 derived variables were used in this research. Data processing methods have been brought into accord with the aims of this research. Basic statistical parameters as well as distribution of all the measured and derived variables have been calculated. The aim of this investigation was to confirm is the structure of the movement in the vertical and horizontal phase in a water polo, intensity, frequencies and time as equivalent for effort for two different positions (center and wing) really different. Basic statistics was performed on z-scores, as well as variance analysis (ANOVA) and F-test differences between the center and the wing. Discriminate analysis was also performed and structure discriminate function was calculated. The results show: it is possible to register and define differences in the roles center and wing in water-polo, that confirms the first hypothesis in this research. The center defines and discriminates for the wing: frequencies of duels, frequencies with players more/less, time spent in duels, and quantity of light swimming, that confirms the second hypotheses in this research. The wing is defined, and it is different from the center in: frequencies of maximal and submaximal swimming, quantity of meters in maximal and submaximal swimming and total time spent in the game with player more/less that confirms the third hypothesis in this research. The wing from the center differs: frequencies of action, overall swimming (in meters) and frequencies of light swimming. Results of this research provide theoretical explanation of this less covered field in top sports, as well in water polo, and will be the base for the practice of water polo trainers in real work with centers and wings.

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water-polo, wing, center, analysis of variance, discriminate analysis

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