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Hidrography in settlement development in Krapinsko-zagorska County

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In the investigated area there are three geographic environments relevant for the settlement: narrow submountain zones, broad hilly regions and valleys. Submountain zones are valuable in the middle ages and here are numerous but mostly low yielding springs. Hilly regions were intensely populated from 15th till 18th century in the form of disperse numerous small settlements. Many natural and human factors caused this dispersed settlement form, and among them ralatively hard water supply from sparse water resources has to be considered as relevant. The valley rims are settled in 18th century, initially as unfavourable environment because valleys were prone to flooding, and to temperature inversions and fog. Humid valleys were obstacles and hills more important for traffic until the railway age. Only then did the settlements at valley rims become most important. The development of transport and river regulations in the second half of the 20th century brought further advancement.Modern public waterworks development brought an end to dependency on local water resources. In recent times valley bottoms became a valuable spatial resource for new construction on artificially heighten terrain.

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hydrogeography, water, population geography, historical geography, settlement, Hrvatsko zagorje

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