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Girls' Secondary School in Osijek (1882-1900)

Dinko Župan

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From 1882, when it was founded, till the end of the 19th century girls' secondary school in Osijek was multinational and multidenominational educational institution. Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox and Protestant students were equally treated in religious education. Students' mother tongues were German, Croatian, Serbian, Hungarian and Czech, which created the multicultural atmosphere in the school. Most of the students came from the middle class and the curriculum was adapted to them. The secondary schools were supposed to be the principal centres for moulding the behaviour of middle class girls. Constructing the female identity as a wife, mother and housewife was one of the main goals in education of the secondary school students. Even this kind of female education was progressive in relation to the traditional patriarchal society because the secondary school students gained certain amount of common knowledge that enabled them to develop at least partial emancipation in the then society.

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schooling system, women history, Osijek, 19th century

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