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Two hundred and forty years of schooling in Velika Kopanica (1764-2004)

Emerik Munjiza

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The author of this paper analysed the history of the elementary school in Velika Kopanica ever since its inception in 1764 until present day. The paper is structured such that it reflects the three major periods in its history. In the first period we illustrate the working of the trivial school ever since its inception until 1871, as well as the activities of the national elementary school between 1831 and 1871. This period ends with the passing of the first law on schools, with the imposition of obligatory schooling and the creation of the unique elementary school. The second period starts with the foundation of the unique elementary school and lasts until the end of World War Two. The development of the four-year course of elementary school into a unique obligatory eight-grade elementary school is the key feature of the third period. Due to the specific circumstances and specific models of work organization, within this section we also address the functioning of the school during the War of Independence. In the methodological sense, all the three periods are the same structure-wise: general circumstances surrounding schools and the schooling system, specific circumstances obtaining in the area of the school and the functioning of the school. The activities of the school itself, its limits and achievements can be more objectively presented in the framework of the mentioned general and specific circumstances. We made full use of of the relevent literature and archived documents obtained from: the school, the parish, the municipality, the Historical Archives of Slavonski Brod and the Croatian State Archives.

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Trivial school, people's elementary school, lower-grade elementary school, higher-grade elementary school (citizens' school), opetovnica (supplementary school), unique elementary eight-grade school

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