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Seaborne Activities in the Dubrovnik Region between the two World Wars

Marija Benić Penava

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str. 235-247

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The paper analyses, from the historic point of view, the situation in the seaborne activities, i.e. shipping and port situation in the Dubrovnik region between the two world wars. Up to the 20th century, as well as in the analysed period, shipping trade was the most prosperous branch of economy of the region. It was the base of the total economy closely connected with the banking development. The profit was invested in shipping industry and also in other businesses such as hotel-keeping , industry and mining, mainly out of the Dubrovnik region. Two leading shipping companies – Yugoslav Lloyd and Ragusan Shipping Company were achieving outstanding results as to the size, successful management and economy in the then country. Ragusan Shipping Company was the leading shipping business concern just before the Second World War with its floating park of 23 vessels valued at 200 million dollars. On the other hand, the port of Gruž was the port of major importance. However, being isolated from the natural back countryside, with the railway line of insufficient capacity and the lack of port facilities, the port of Gruž was beyond the reach of the modern merchant ports of that time. So, on the eve of Second World War it was the first port regarding the total storage space in Yugoslavia, the third one concerning the port traffic and the carried passengers and the last one as to its equipment.

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shipping; port activity; the Dubrovnik region

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