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Jana Žiljak Vujić ; Tehničko veleučilište, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ivana Žiljak Stanimirović ; Grafički fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Olivera Međugorac ; Nestlé Adriatic, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The paper is about a new method for managing the information, respecting material characteristics in the near infrared light. Common ground has been created with the visual and near infrared component of the sunlight as a new manner of researching, interpreting and managing colours and dyes. Until set theory named INFRAREDESIGN the „colour management technology“ dealt only with the perfectionism explanation and interpretation of the relationship colours and dyes for visual feeling. The practice of using colorant matter characteristics is extended in such a way that a colorant is simultaneously designed for visual and infrared area. The discovery of INFRAREDESIGN encourages to make way for many new area of information science applied to painting, prints, military clothing, leather and textile design. Communication is extended to planning a double independent information on the same place as a double picture, i.e. two messages that are dependent on each other in the course of realization, but when trying to make a copy, the message in infrared is lost.

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Information in near infrared, InfraredART, Military uniform, Invisible barcode, CMYKIR

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