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CROATIAN ENTOMOFAUNA – Looking Back from the Present and Future Plans

Paula Durbešić ; Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The development of entomological science in Croatia through the past 250 years can be divided into several periods. From the travel records in the late 18th century, intensive interest in insects and the creation of the first insect collections in Croatia, primarily by foreigners and later by local researchers, to the later establishment of museums and university institutions, until today’s current scientific research in various institutes and university faculties.
In the initial period, entomology in Croatia was exclusively studied by foreign researchers, and collected materials were stored in collections in their native countries. When systematics and entomological studies were already in full swing throughout Europe in the 19th century, they were in their beginnings in Croatia. Unfortunately, they have never reached full their development. University educated biologists of the 20th century carried out systematic and faunistic studies, and followed and kept up with the most recent achievements in biological sciences, especially molecular biology and biochemistry. Today we can proudly point to natural historians of world reputation. Despite the progress achieved in other sciences, faunistic studies in general and with respect to entomology have continually developed.
For easier reference, the past 250 years have been divided into six periods, determined by the political and social changes in Europe, our country and in our surroundings and the view in the future. The works of scientists considered important for each period are described, particularly those of Croatian scientists. The remaining works are outlined in tabular form and their pooled numbers are shown in graphical form. The fact that our museum collections and vary rich library materials remained preserved after the two world wars is encouraging. Unfortunately until this day, the entomofauna of Croatia has still only been partially studied. Some orders, such as Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and Diptera have been intensively researched, while for many others we have no knowledge at all. We are aware that we must persist in this task, and intensify our efforts. We are following global efforts to protect our environment and biodiversity. Our efforts in those areas are in line with European and global efforts. It has been attempted in this paper to outline the work of many entomologists, to show their focus of study, area of study, representation (families, genera, species), assessed level of threat, endemism, etc. to provide an overview of today’s entomology that is clear and accurate. The number of entomologists in individual institutions is given. The launching of scientific journals, scientific and professional associations and significant scientific books are mentioned. In the end, are outlined our plans for the future.

Croatian entomofauna

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