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The elements of Christian heritage in the creation of a united Europe

Željko Tanjić

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In the light of the latest developments in the area of European integration, the author discusses the role and importance of the Christian heritage in the project of creating a united Europe. Starting from an analysis of the Declaration on the European future, adopted in Laeken, in terms of what may be significant for the European future, he briefly describes the process of unification of Europe from World War II beginning with the basic motives which guided the »fathers of Europe«, Robert Schumann, Alcide de Gasperi and Konrad Adenauer. Establishing the fact that the spiritual dimension stemming from the Christian heritage was lost during the process of unification, culminating in the latest debates concerning the reference to God in the drafts of a new constitution, he tries to show the point of view of John Paul II, the Holy See, the European bishops and of other religious communities regarding the European unification process. Finally, some basic concepts such as »Christianity«, God, person and freedom are analysed in theological and philosophical terms in order to illustrate the irreplaceable contribution of the Christian heritage to the process of the emerging European identity.

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