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Stjepan Jerković
Marijan Jerković
Goran Sporiš

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The aim of the study was to determine the central and the dispersive parameters of some morphological characteristics and functional abilities in 17 elite Croatian soccer players tested by all-out VO2max treadmill test. Also, the present study investigated the differences in analyzed spiroergometric values in regard to the playing position. The research has been conducted in Sports diagnostic centre of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. The differences between attackers, defenders and midfielders in analyzed parameters were determined (MANOVA results: Wilks' Lambda=0.314, Raos'R=8,52, p<0.02). Midfielders were the players with highest values of VO2max. Defenders had highest values of oxygen consumption at ventilatory threshold and were the tallest and the heaviest player in the team. The lowest values of maximal breathing frequency were found in attackers while the midfielders and the defenders had similar values. As expected, the ventilatory lung functions were satisfactory and did not represent the limit for maximal performance. In conclusion, aerobic abilities of Croatian soccer players are within reported values for international elite soccer player, but still in the lower range for midfielders (59,92±3,14 mLkg min-1). Therefore, Croatian soccer players, especially the midfielders should improve aerobic fitness, which might contribute to the overall better match performance

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soccer, spiroergometry, playing positions

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