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Application of music therapy in children with autistic spectrum disorder

Ksenija Burić Sarapa ; Poduka stranog jezika i glazbe Happy Melody, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ana Katušić ; Dnevni centar za rehabilitaciju Mali dom - Zagreb

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Music therapy is a discipline which uses sound musical language in relationship between the client and the therapist or group relationship as a means within a systematic process of intervention with preventive, rehabilitative and therapeutic goals. The basic structure of the therapy process involves defining need, planning interventions, and measuring outcomes.
Considering the difficulties found in children with autism spectrum disorders, we can see that the dysfunction of the central nervous system prevents the coding and interpretation of information, such as spoken language and facial expressions. Because of that, children with autism spectrum disorders find the received messages ambiguous and confusing, and consequently they withdraw from social interaction. Creating music through clinical improvisation in the process of music therapy is a mean of achieving certain communication exchange, which may facilitate communication, cognitive and social-emotional skills in these children.
The main goal of this review is to present application of music therapy in children with autism spectrum disorder, its most used models with this population of clients and to consider its effects.

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music therapy; autism spectrum disorder; music improvisation; communication; assessment

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