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Crkvari - St Lovro Church 2004

Željko Tomičić
Tatjana Tkalčec

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The Church of St. Lawrence (originally Gothic, later remodelled in baroque style) near Crkvari (Orahovica Municipality) is situated on a hilltop with a view of the entire broader area (Map 1). A deep moat and a wall of earth surround it. According to the profile of the southern portico, the Gothic phase of the Church was dated approximately to the fifteenth century.
In 2003, the Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb conducted a systematic archaeological conservation excavation, which resulted in the discovery of a part of the medieval and baroque architecture north of the Church, and of numerous graves. In 2004 the excavations continued in the area north of the church (Fig. 2). A total of 49 graves were investigated, which represent only a part of the burials conducted in this area. Numerous gravecuts and gravefillings remains were noted (stains of the bottoms of their fillings and of burials), which were destroyed by later burials.
Due to the frequency of burials, a specific layer was created with numerous finds of dislocated human bones, which consisted of mixed earth, i.e. fillings of older grave burials, in which it was not possible to distinguish between individual burials. Finds of three green glazed mugs that can be linked to liturgical use are also characteristic of this layer. In spite of the turbulence of the modern age, two medieval burial horizons (before and after construction of the medieval structure north of the church), and a more recent burial horizon can be identified. The dead were laid into graves in wooden coffins, without any enclosured objects such as buckles, brooches, rings, etc. A high infant mortality rate is evident. Parts of the outline of rooms and facilities of the medieval architectural structure that were damaged by more recent rebuilding and intervention were also unearthed. On the basis of excavations conducted so far, we can conclude that the unearthed parts of the structure with a preserved mensa had a religious purpose and that they belonged to a sacristy or a former church (Fig. 3). Some walls may represent a part of a ground plan of a monastery complex. Further archaeological excavations shall provide a clearer picture.

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Crkvari, Church of St. Lawrence, cemetery, archaeological excavations, Gothic period, sacristy, monastery

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