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Results of excavations at the Veliko polje cemetery in Zvonimirovo in 2004

Željko Tomičić

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Excavations over a surface of 92 m2 were conducted at Veliko polje in Zvonimirovo from 10 to 20 August 2004, at which time three Bijelo Brdo graves were found. Women were buried in two graves accompanied by rich accessories, as a large number of burial goods, which can be dated to the eleventh century, suggests. Furthermore, in these excavations a stratigraphic link between two early medieval graves was established for the first time. Although no La Téne graves were found in the excavated part of the cemetery, their existence in the central part of the ridge on which the cemetery is situated is documented by surface finds of weapons and parts of attire, which belong to finds from incineration graves destroyed in the course of agricultural activities. The results of the excavations in the western part of the cemetery’s core fully comply with expectations, since the margin of this part of the cemetery could be defined. The eastern boundary of the Bijelo Brdo culture but also partially La Téne culture cemetery was partly documented by results of the 2004 excavations. It shall be ultimately determined after follow-up excavations in 2005. Therefore the eastern and the western boundaries of the cemetery identified in the course of excavations so far confirm that further excavations are necessary on the slopes of the ridge in order to determine the exact bounderies of the cemetery in its other parts, apart from its central western and eastern peripheries. Also, the outcome of excavations conducted so far provides grounds for the assumption that Bijelo Brdo and La Téne burials in the highest part of the ridge were to a great extent destroyed due to intense farming. Only the somewhat deeper graves were preserved. Future excavations should therefore also cover the remaining areas of the central part of the rise in the northern and the southern part of the cemetery, in order to define the beginning and the end of burials in the La Téne as well as Bijelo Brdo cemetery.

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Zvonimirovo, Podravina, cemetery, Bijelo Brdo culture, La Téne culture

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