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Understanding Biblical Books

Gerhard F. Hasel ; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, SAD

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str. 165-213

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Biblical books come to us within the framework of the canon - the collection of biblical writings that are authoritative for the Christian
church. This canonical form is also normative for understanding Scripture. Understanding the books as a whole depends to a significant degree on authorship. Beside this topic the author discusses the question of understanding the prophetic and apocalyptic books and portions of the Bible. He thinks that "the nature of biblical prophecy and the books produced by Bible prophets is something quite different from prophecy in the ancient world in general and in our modern world in particular." (p. 168.) Although the author discusses many books of the Bible such as the four Gospels, this study concentrates on one of the most apocalyptic books in the Bible, the book of Daniel.

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Bible, hermeneutics, books

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