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System Approach to the Modelling of the Process of Formula Modification of Pharmaceutical Products

Stjepan Vidačić
Žaklina Šupica
Marko Hell

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This paper presents the dynamic model of formula modification created using the system approach and methodology of system dynamics. The development of the qualitative (general) model is devided in two parts. The first part describes the process of formula modification as a system by defining its purpose and viewpoints. It describes the subjects participating in the observed process according to the stages of methodology of system dynamics. It also gives the verbal and structural description of the process. The second part presents the system flowchart and mathematical and computer model of the system using POWERSIM software symbols. The quantitative (concrete) system model was developed according to the relevant information gathered by interviewing the employees involved in the observed process and one of many possible simulation scenarios was created. The final part emphasizes the effects achieved by the development of the qualitative and quantitative model of the system and points to the possibility of practical use of the developed simulation model in the management of the process of formula modification of a pharmaceutical product by introducing concrete data about a real system.

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system approach, methodology of system dynamics, process of formula modification, Powerism, pharmaceutical product

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