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Hair length, facial attractiveness, personality attribution: A multiple fitness model of hairdressing

Tamas Bereczkei
Norbert Mesko

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Multiple Fitness Model states that attractiveness varies across multiple dimensions, with each feature representing a different aspect of mate value. In the present study, male raters judged the attractiveness of young females with neotenous and mature facial features, with various hair lengths. Results revealed that the physical appearance of long-haired women was rated high, regardless of their facial attractiveness being valued high or low. Women rated as most attractive were those whose face displayed neotenous features in the center of the face (large eyes, small nose) and sexual maturity features, such as long head hair at the periphery. Furthermore, desirable psychological and social traits were attributed to individuals with different hairstyles: male raters associated long hair with the image of a determined, intelligent, independent, and healthy individual, whereas short hair was associated with characteristics such as honest, caring, emotional, and feminine. The possible relationships between attractiveness ratings of scalp hair and perceived social and psychological traits are discussed.

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hairdressing; good genes model; multiple fitness theory

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