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Milk production and milk consumption in Croatia

Luka Kovačić ; Škola narodnog zdravlja "Andrija Štampar", Rockfellerova 4, 10000 Zagreb

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Milk consumption can be taken as an indicator of the quality of nutrition, and milk production as an indicator of agricultural policy. In Croatia milk is produced almost completely on private family farms. In order to gain the biggest possible profit the producer's policy is to increase production by one cow and to increase the number of cows per farm. Both tendencies are not present in Croatia. In 1981 production per cow was 1792 kg, in 1991 it was 1941 kg, and in 1994 1700 kg. The average cows' number of a private farm was 2.01 in 1981, and 2.03 in 1991. Milk production in Croatia in the last forty years varied from 573 million liters in 1953 to 990 million liters in 1983, and back to 590 million liters in 1994. Large number of cows (130,000) was reduced during the war in 1991. One of the problems of milk production in Croatia is the fact that a number of private farms, now producing about 90% of milk, lack younger members (the majority is over 60 years of age). The most important milk consumption factor is family income and financial ability to buy milk as food. According to the latest statistical data, the average milk consumption per person is about 100 liters. There are no data on milk consumption since 1990. In 1985 the average consumption per person was 117 liters. It is estimated that the average milk consumption in 2005 will be between 103 and 113 liters, and in 2010 between 110 and 127 liters, depending on the country's economy. It is anticipated that there will be higher consumption among agricultural families, than among nonagricultural. Taking into consideration the estimated consumption, Croatia will be among the countries of medium milk consumption, better results can be obtained by specific marketing, production assortment and better quality.

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milk; milk production; milk consumption

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