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The strategy determinants of new world order in domene modern systems of global communications

Vitomir Grbavac
Jacinta Grbavac
Božidar Tepeš

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str. 177-184

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This work deals with key questions concerning globalization in communications, which is in large strides ongoing in nearly every corner of the world. First, four mayor trends existing everywhere in global communication get to be formalized, and then each one of them is separately defined and analyzed, so to contribute to the clarification of basic problems and their current sollutions in this domain. For istance, digitalization will undoubtedly be confirmed as one of the all-present generical trends, which to a large extent precipitated appearance of the rest of them. In this work, some of the specific info-phenomena of the modern society will also be considered, such as Internet and news market, which greatly influence contemporary culture and are right fully regarded as major factors in the fhiriving information revolution. Unhoped-for, global comunications development brought up the need for establishing certain rules and standards, which is also topic of one of the analyses of this work, which deals with the problem - domain of the international caracter and its articles, especial from the standpoint of euro-integrations. All of the multicultural information society in specific manner, which is being created as the result of all-inclusive events in this scientific area, and which is a reviewing subject at the end of this work.

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globalization, strategy, communication information technology information, global communication, information society

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