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Analysis of audience reach trends of political broadcasts on tv

Anton Vukelić

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In this paper author considers observing trends of political programmes on national TV channels in Croatia. Basic thesis suppose citizens´ fatigue and surfeit by politics. Two continuum have been combined: participation in political subjects and the level of TV viewing. Research is based on precise measuring - average minute rating (AMR). Every minute it registers observing level of certain programme. Central problem of previous researches is evident in numeorus factors that can determine watching of TV programmes, particulary those with political themes. Considering that problem, in this paper facts are taken from separated political TV shows in limited time period. Finally, one political TV show is taken as indicator of TV observes relationship to politics. Paper suggests that there is a number of methodological problems in current research that is considering TV observing as the indicator of certain social processes. Those methodological problems have to be resolved if we want to be directed to reliable research facts and conclusions.

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television, observing rates, observing contribution, politics, Political programmes

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