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The Local Electro-Energetic Carbon Footprint Generated by Tourism on the Islands of Cres and Lošinj

Hrvoje Grofelnik ; Gimnazija Andrije Mohorovičića Rijeka

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The paper presents valuation of the local electro-energetic carbon footprint on the islands of Cres and Lošinj (The Northern Adriatic, Republic of Croatia). In the form of a case study the article isolates the locally allocated but globally present environmental burden caused by CO2 emission into the atmosphere as the result of electrical energy production. Within the environmental burden, the residents’ footprint and the footprint generated by tourism have been isolated. The hypothesis the article is based on presumes that the local electro-energetic carbon footprint is dominantly under the influence of tourism and shows annual oscillations closely related to the number of tourists on the islands. The article's contribution on theoretical level is the actualization of partial tourist footprints isolation, while on applicative level its contribution is in footprint calculations as a foundation for articulation of sustainable development strategies and spatial planning based on the actual human influence on the environment. The overall aim of the work is to contribute to revitalization and sustainable development of the islands as exceptionally valuable naturally preserved areas.

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local carbon footprint, tourism footprint, electrical energy, tourism, the island of Cres, the island of Lošinj

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