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Digital Skills in Perspective: A Critical Reflection on Research and Policy

Jos de Haan ; Nizozemski institut za društvena istraživanja/SCP i Sveučilište Erasmus u Rotterdamu, Rotterdam, Nizozemska
Nathalie Sonck ; Nizozemski institut za društvena istraživanja/SCP, Nizozemska

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In this article we will reflect on the evolving focus of research on digital skills over the past 15 years and discuss the outcomes of this research and their implications for policy. Policy issues regarding digital skills have shifted over time. The present focus on media literacy ties digital skills to the broader theme of citizenship and calls for a wide agenda to improve skills, knowledge of media systems and attitudes towards the media. It reaches into policy domains such as education, work and social participation. We will also reflect on the question as to just how far research is able to feed these policy discussions. The argument is organized in four sections, following more or less chronologically the stages of research on digital skills. We begin with the largely descriptive research on digital skills in the context of the digital divide. The second and third sections follow the theoretical turn in the research agenda with a focus on the causes and consequences of differences in digital skills. In the fourth section we discuss a more recent development, where digital skills are included in a broader research agenda of media literacy.

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digital skills, policy, media literacy, research agenda

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