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Number of sheep and production of sheep meat in the world and in Croatia

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Number of sheep and production of sheep meat in the world and in Croatia
Almost 1.08 billion sheep are reared in the world, out of which the most in Asia (about 42%) and Africa (about 28%), whereas so-
mewhat more than 12% of total world population of sheep are reared in Europe (more than 130 million). The largest world breeders
are China (12.44%) and Australia (6.23%), which are also the largest producers of sheep meat. Out of total world meat production
(more than 8.5 million tons), 24.24% are produced in China, 6.51% in Australia and 5.51% in New Zealand. The largest European
sheep breeder and the producer of sheep meat is Great Britain (around 31 million sheep and 277 000 tons of meat), followed by
Spain and the Russian Federation. In the countries of the EU there is reared more than 76% of the European sheep population and
produced more than 77% of total European sheep meat production. According to the information of FAO, 630,000 sheep are reared
in Croatia, which makes only 0.48% of total European sheep population and 2,200 tons of meat are produced (0.03% of the European
production). According to the data of CAA (Croatian Agricultural Agency), there are reared around 630,000 heads of adult breeding
sheep in Croatia, out of which almost 55% in 6 coastal counties and it is estimated that 93% is reared for meat production. According
to the estimation of CBS (Croatian Bureau of Statistics), about 500,000 sheep are slaughtered annually in Croatia, out of which 80%
of lambs, whereby most of them (about 85%) are not slaughtered in authorized abattoirs. According to the reports of abattoirs from
2006 to 2011, annual production is from 569 to 1,185 tons, whereas according to CBS, the total production of sheep meat amounts
between 5,500 to 6,500 tons annually. According to the estimation based on the information of CAA (the number of breeding heads,
the average index of lambing and the average size of brood), there were 7,540 tons of lamb and 1,890 tons of sheep meat of older
categories produced in Croatia in 2011, which amounts around 1.75 kg of lamb and 0.44 kg of meat of older categories per capita (the
total of 2.19 kg), whereas according to the estimation of CBS (poll method), the consumption of sheep meat of all categories in the
Republic of Croatia amounts only 1 kg per capita.

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