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Matković R. Branka ; Kineziološki fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Antonela Nedić ; Kineziološki fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

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Soccer, as one of the most popular modern sports, is
played in many countries around the world, not only at a
competitive level but also as a very popular recreational
sports game.
Soccer referees are an integral part of the soccer
game.Their job is to regulate the behavior of players and
other participants through the implementation of soccer
rules.In addition to the principal referee who makes the
final decision on the ground, there are 3 assistant referees
that may assist in game regulation. To make the most
correct decision, the referee must be at the right place and
have an overview of the situation which requires excellent
physical condition, visual perception, mental ability,
focus, willingness and ability to make quick decisions.
During competitive games, referees pass a total of 9-13
km with varying levels of intensity, but approximately at
the level of 85 to 90% of the maximal heart rate and
respectively 70 to 80% of the maximal oxygen
consumption. Blood lactate concentration is between 4
and 5 mmol / l, but the recorded values were as high as 14
mmol / l. All this leads to the fact that they are subjected to
high levels of exertion that can sometimes even exceed
those that the players endure.

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