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The Growth of Human Teeth:A Simple Description of its Kinetics

Zvonko Ogorelec ; Fizički odsjek Prirodoslovno-matematičkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Bijenička 32 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The growth o f human teeth is described by formalism devised for the analysis of a simple relaxational process. The basis for such a description are existing data on the masses of the teeth and on the duration o f four characteristic phases in their formation. These data suggest that the slowing down (asymptotic) increase o f the mass of a single tooth may be represented by an exponential function of time. Although the equations which follow from the model are derived from some parameters whose values have not yet exactly been determined, they describe the growth o f teeth, and in particular the time dependence o f its rate, in a plausible quantitative manner. The results are in accordance with common experience.

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human teeth; growth

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