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Branko Hebrang

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The political propaganda in broader sense, as disciplines of information strategy of persuasion, because of remarkable progress of telecommunications and mass media in twentieth century played an important role, and in the 21st century has becomes and the dominant information strategy inseparable from the contents of mass media. Propaganda messages in communicative processes can have positively and negatively cognitive impact as information and disinformation. The political propaganda of positive paradigm can be socially valuable if is harmonised within of common good and impact on the decrease of chaos in the society but when in the field negative propaganda paradigms her message is outside of the information scope what guides in the dysfunction of society. In the transmission of the media propaganda messages can be debatably functions mass media and the journalism, so is the decision of ethical disputes are found in proces of merging journalism and public relations, form of propaganda which in the journalist not will challenge the remorse and the aversion in public.

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information strategies, political propaganda, propaganda of negative paradigm, covert and overt propaganda, public relations, mass media, journalism, public knowledge

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