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Amalekites and Their Influence Upon the History of Israel

Željko Gregor ; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan SAD

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Amalekites are only a few times mentioned in Bible as a nation. That fact conducted some critical scholars to negate their existence in real history, and consequently to suspect biblical reports on Saul's war against Amalekites. Unlike these scholars, the author of this article accepts the existence of Amalekites, though recognizing textual problems with their clear identification, inhabited territory, etc. Furthermore, there are no clear archaeological findings that will support their existence, since Amalekites lived as nomads, without sedentary settlements. Text in 1Sam 15,5 mentions "the city of the Amalekites", not providing its name. Among few archaeological sites, author picks out Tel Masos as the best candidate for this nameless Amalekite city.

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Amalekites, Bible

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