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Doctrine of God

Fernando L. Canale ; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan SAD

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The doctrine of God is foundational to Christian theology, since God relates to every¬thing and everything is related to Him. The doctrine determines the way theologians un¬derstand and formulate the entire corpus of Christian beliefs. Philosophical ideas have commonly framed the Christian concept of God. Biblical statements have hardly shaped such formulations. Consequently, classical, modern, and postmodern interpretations of the Chris-tian doctrine of God have been created under the influence of human philosophical con¬cepts. Aware of this situation, careful students of the Scriptures pursue their search for un-derstanding, determined to submit to the Bible all forms of human reasoning. Because human philosophy is called to be subject to the Bible, and since divine philosophy is already avail-able in the Scriptures, our understanding of God must stand free from human speculations. What we can know about God must be revealed from the Scriptures.

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God, Trinity, Creation

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