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Market segmentation based on consumers’ susceptibility to reference group types of influence: Multivariance analysis

Mirela Mihić ; Ekonomski fakultet Split

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In this paper we begin with McGuire’s concept of influenceability, according to which individuals differ based on their susceptibility to social influence. The theoretical part explains three types of influence by reference groups and presents previous results relevant to the issue of this paper. The second part of the paper presents the methodology and research results. The aim of this research is to identify different types of reference group influence by using multivariance techniques, and determine whether they can serve as a basis for consumer market segmentation. The research was conducted on a sample of 250 respondents in the Split-Dalmatia County. Keeping in mind the issues and goals of the research, two hypotheses were set. Five factors – influence types were identified by using the factor analysis (normative influence, value-expressive or identificational influence, environment informative influence, salesperson’s informative influence, and comparison to environment and clothing conformity), and were then been used as basic segmentation variables. Cluster analysis singled out three segments: subject to identification or value-expressive influence, subject to information influence and non-subject to influence. To describe them better, demographic variables were employed, i.e. “relation-comparison and interaction with others” variables as well as personal indicators. The research results confirmed both starting hypotheses. The results attained suggest that consumers from particular segments require different communication strategies, based on which, each segment was supported by corresponding recommendations.

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susceptibility to social influence, buying behaviour, factor analysis, cluster analysis, types of reference group influences, marketers

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